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Profit in the USA Profit Breakdown for California Categories of Profit in California Forecasted Sales in California

Profit in the USA

Here is a graphical representation of the profit level of each state in the United States. (Hawaii and Alaska are excluded from this list). The sum of profit is shown as a label next to each circular marking included in the US map. The date of data collected ranges from 2011-2014, and California has the highest profit, with Texas having the lowest profit, in the negatives. Profit seems to be spread out fairly evenly across the entire nation, with no region completely dominating.
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Profit Breakdown for California

From the given data, California had the highest total profit in 2011-2014. It had high profit in all sub-categories of products except for tables (where they lost money) and fasteners, where the profit was marginal in comparison. They especially excelled in accesories, binders, and paper. There must be lots of students there!
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Categories of Profit in California

The 3 categories of products that were sold in California are shown: Office Supplies, Technology, and Furniture. Office Supplies provided the most profit. Next was Technology, and last was Furniture. Even then, furniture provided a large sum of profit and plans to improve those sales will make for plentiful years to come!
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Forecasted Sales in California

We know that the category providing the most profit to California is Office Supplies. This graph shows the forecasted number of sales that California will have with Office Supplies up to November 2015, 1 year away. Trends show it continuing to rise over time, with November of 2015 shown as having a count of 6 more sales than the same time in 2014. This may seem slightly insignificant, but if trends continue at that pace, glorious days await!
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