About Me

Everything You Want To Know

I Love My Family

My amazing family of 7 calls Canton, Georgia home. We love sports, relaxing, and enjoying nature! I am inspired by them every day!

I Love Kendama

Kendama provides mental strength, quickness, and precision to my life.

I Love Slackline

Slackline gives me balance, core strength, and quality ponder time in life.

I Love Tim Tam Slams

Tim Tam Slams bring pure joy, heavenly taste, and way too many calories into my life.

My Resume

  1. Education
    • High School Diploma
    • Accounting Major
    • 3.94 GPA
    • Proficient in Japanese
  2. Work Experience
    • Home Analysis Specialist/ Home-Auction Team Member (2012-2014)
    • MTC-Japanese Teacher (August, 2016-Present)
    • MTC-Pre MTC Mentor (May, 2017-Present)
  3. Service
    • 2 Years Serving In Japan
    • Volunteer at the Provo Assisted Living Center

Contact Me

EMAIL: stevenddriscoll@gmail.com
PHONE: 678-935-8398